Terms of Service

Here are the Terms of Service. We don’t want to bulk these up with unnecessary text, so we’ll cover the most important information.

You can’t:

  • Distribute, hack or modify ANY portion of the game, be it binary files, art, animations or source code UNLESS you are using in-game tools to do this.
  • Use programs to change the way the game works to your advantage (cheat programs).
  • Sell the game as your own product.

If you break the Terms of Service in any way, Dark Window Studios reserves the right to revoke your access to Wilderness. As the game is in active development, the game may break. If so, please make a bug report. We may also include analytical software to help improve the game. This many include, but is not limited to, your system specifications, frame-rate and where the game is located. This information will be used to detect cheating, improve the game and will not include personal information beyond what you have installed and your SteamID. Dark Window Studios also reserves the right to change the Terms of Service if we feel it is necessary. As we are based in the UK, any legal issues will be sorted according to British law in British courts.