Stresstest 2.0

The second stresstest has been released to all backers via a launcher update

Stresstest 2.0 has been released to clients testing the new systems such as interaction, API implementations and core game mechanic rewrites. Some of the new features are:
– Added information to the server when clicked on via the Server Browser
– Added AudioClipBanks to allow improved variation for sounds (randomised pitch, different sounds)
– Added AudioTransitionZone when moving from different “zones” (e.g. Outdoors to Indoors)
– Added AudioPlayTrigger when the player moves through an object (e.g. bush)
– Added player speeds depending on angle of surface (the steeper the surface, the slower the player)
– Added Facepunch.Steamworks Steam API
– Added new Asset loading system. Assets are now individual files instead of one large file, so they are much faster loading, reducing stuttering and freezes
– Added define stripping – code is now removed if it is not needed on a specific platform
– Added improved motion blur
– Added fade in/out to chat UI
– Added new decal system
– Added player eye system
– Added container models
– Added bunker models
– Added interaction system – the player can now interact with doors, lights and other inventory objects
– Added custom light
– Added new icon rendering system in preperation for the inventory (now renders from the model, giving a more realistic icon)
– Added inventory containers
– Added loot tables (for inventory containers to generate loot when implemented)
– Added physical loot spawners (spawns different items)
– Added Sentry error reporting (this automatically reports any errors that are encountered within the game)
– Added key bindings to Keyboard and Mouse settings
– Added Discord API
– Added CustomText
– Added new startup screen