Dedicated Server

Setting up your Dedicated Server

To run the game as a dedicated server, you need to pass a few parameters to the executable file. Please note that the dedicated server only works on Windows.

If your game files are at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Wilderness\Wilderness.exe, when you create a shortcut (Right Click, New > Shortcut), you will point it to this path with a few parameters.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Wilderness\Wilderness.exe" -nographics -batchmode +server.identity "Server Name Goes Here"

If you are running on a headless server, adding “-startserver” will start the server immediately.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Wilderness\Wilderness.exe" -nographics -batchmode +server.identity "Server Name Goes Here" -startserver

Dedicated Server Setup

This should bring up a console. To start the server, type “startserver” in the console. If, however, you wish to change the server settings, you should do so before starting the server. Typing “set servername ‘New Name'” would set the server name to the new name.


All files are located at the path to Wilderness + \Saves\server identity\settings.xml. You can tweak these settings for the best performance.xmlEditing

You need to open port 8766, the port that you specified and the two ports above it. E.g. If I specified port 25001, I would port forward 25001, 25002 and 25003.

  • port – The main port for networking
  • port + 1 – The query port for Steam. This will be tied to the Steam Matchmaking.
  • port + 2 – The web server for your server. If you want to remotely access your server, you need to open this port. You can set the password in the configuration file (Settings.xml).

Running your Dedicated Server

The server will auto-save at the interval that you have set in the server settings. If you wish to save yourself, typing ‘save’ into the console and hitting enter will force a save. This does not reset the saving interval.

Dedicated Server Console Commands

say - Says this text over global chat
kick - Kicks the player if they are connected to the server
ban - Kicks the player if they are connected to the server and adds them to the banned players list
kill - Kills the player if they are connected to the server
debug - Prints Debug information to the server console.
quit/shutdown/exit - closes the server and saves all player progress
save - forces a save of the server
help - shows a list of the available commands

Troubleshooting your Dedicated Server

Before submitting a bug report or posting on the forums, make sure the following settings have been set correctly:

  • You have port-forwarded on your router (if behind a router).
  • You have got the correct IP Address and Port, and that you have the correct password for the server.
  • Your Operating System has allowed the server through its firewall.